Save your gut – And your butt

note the sources and read more…far too many antibiotics, slow-toxins like food coloring and injected fats and sugar and fully hydrogenated fats and and and … until not much of real taste or real food is left…just mega, barren calories… learn how to eat…google Mark Bittman, his blog and books can teach you to fix real food, real fast, real tasty, not pricey. Real food is so fabulous! People love it…and they’ll love you for it.

Conglomerate American Food Infographic



Source: Frugal dad



About knitterr

I like to knit and cook.Kinda geeky...well, a lot, maybe. Worried about my country being ruined by money in politics,corporatocracy,greed/pandering to lowest common denominator by senate and house in washington.
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