Most of our news media are full of empty calories…no-nutrient-news.

Here’s a bit of Frugal Dad‘s post about our news-starved nation, my emphasis added, so you’d be very clear about where I found it  (I promise to get off the nutrients metaphor)
Too many of us eat meals while watching intentionally fake (Fox) or “editorial” style fact-starved 10-second bites of non-journalist news —this means, especially, so-called nightly news on old-school network teevee, and hourly network-sourced radio news, and even some hinky stuff on the newly subtly  censored NPR (that raving liberal outfit with the trillion dollar taxpayer’s budget – *snort/lol* –   )     …please read on:
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“… I’ve always advocated for critical consumption, and what could be more important than an awareness of the sources of our families’ daily info and entertainment diets? And today, most of our media is [sic] controlled by one of six companies. Check out Frugaldad’s infographic on the state of media consolidation in the U.S.”

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad


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I like to knit and cook.Kinda geeky...well, a lot, maybe. Worried about my country being ruined by money in politics,corporatocracy,greed/pandering to lowest common denominator by senate and house in washington.
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