Trashed: Across the Pacific Ocean, Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere CHARLESMOORE / Natural History v.112, n.9, Nov03

This animal is at peace (now, at least…). Find a way to stop or reduce your “consumption” of plastic, especially plastic bags. Animals really do mistake pieces and parts for food. Studies show they don’t rely solely, and mostly not at all, on sense of smell — it’s visual, especially for birds. And bears eat the whole thing, bag and all, since they do rely a lot on their noses. Use glass and metal storage for food, avoid over packaging when you have a choice, wrap presents in fabric or something reusable. Recycling centers can’t process grocery bags, because they clog the machines every time, so only a rare recycler will accept them.


About knitterr

I like to knit and cook.Kinda geeky...well, a lot, maybe. Worried about my country being ruined by money in politics,corporatocracy,greed/pandering to lowest common denominator by senate and house in washington.
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